DogeChain On The Move! Reaches New Heights In Just 2 Months

DogeChain (Dogecoin)

Built by Dogecoin holders, the new blockchain called DogeChain has reached key milestones over the last few months.

DogeChain, the unofficial layer-2 solution for Dogecoin, has 50 million transactions. Not only that, but it also reached 244,000 unique wallets.

By Sept. 5, it was at 15 million, and the current 50 million reflects a 233% increase in transaction count.

The official DogeChain Twitter account announced the same on Friday.

Responding to the tweet, a follower named @DcNftAirdrop said it was a fabulous project.

Another follower said it is the best time to accumulate and hold the DCs as the overall crypto market is in crisis.

DogeChain is the EVM-compatible blockchain that aims to complete the original Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

According to its developers, DogeChain was created to bring crypto applications like NFTs, games, and the ever-growing DeFi ecosystem to DOGE users.

Earlier in September, DogeChain introduced the Doge Name Service (DNS) system, which enables users to adopt a readable .doge address instead of a string of characters that would be hard to recall.


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