Dogecoin Wallets (DOGE Wallets)

Below you will find a list of the best Dogecoin (DOGE) Wallets to store your Dogecoin.

Disclaimer: We have not performed any audits of the wallets listed below.


 Wallet  OS  Features  Download
1 Dogecoin Core Wallet

Dogecoin Core

Linux, Windows, MacOS

2FA, Full Node, Import Wallet, Multisig, Opensource, API, Self Custodial

2  MyDoge

AndroidI, OS

2FA, Self Custodial

3 coinbase dogecoin wallet
Coinbase Wallet

Android, IOS, Browser Wallet

2FA, API, Self Custodial

4  BitPay

Android, IOS

2FA, Self Custodial

5 Trust wallet (Dogecoin Wallet) Trust Wallet

Android, IOS

2FA, Opensource, Self Custodial 

6 Atomic Wallet (Dogecoin Wallet) Atomic Wallet

Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS

2FA, Self Custodial

7 Guarda Wallet (Dogecoin Wallet) Guarda Wallet

Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS, Browser Wallet

2FA, Import Wallet, Self Custodial

8 Dogeparty (Dogecoin Wallet) Doge Wallet

Browser Wallet, Linux, Windows, MacOS

Import Wallet, Opensource, Self Custodial

9 Dogechain WalletDogeChain

Browser Wallet

2FA, Opensource, API, Self Custodial

10 Trezor Dogecoin Wallet Trezor

Hardware Wallet, Browser

2FA, Opensource, Self Custodial

11 Ledger Dogecoin Wallet Ledger

Hardware Wallet

2FA, Self Custodial

12 SoDogeTip (Dogecoin Wallet) SoDogeTip

Browser Wallet

2FA, Custodial

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